Indulge Your Senses To Sensual Pleasures In London Boutique Hotels

When you are in London for business or holiday, you will be welcomed by plethora of London hotels. London offers all kinds of hotels to the discerning travelers. However, to experience the real joy of staying in London hotels, London boutique hotels are ideal. London boutique hotels offer high-quality service to both business and leisure travelers on their visit to the city. Apart from the comfort and luxury offered in London boutique hotels, travelers can also enjoy home-like ambience during their vacation or business trip.Choose London boutique hotels which are located in some of the most significant locations of the city. Enjoy great service at great value on your stay in boutique hotels in London.

Some of the recommended London boutique hotels are:

The K West Hotel and Spa

This hotel is conveniently close to Harrods and the Natural History Museum. Guests can have a great time in the hotelrestaurant, Kanteen Restaurant by indulging their taste bud to delectable cuisines such as seared tuna. You can relax in theK lounge with a cocktail while seated on the leather sofas beside the open fire. Rejuvenate yourself with a Reiki Treatmentor hot stone massage in the K Spa and sleep deeply in the wonderful beds.
San Domenico House Hotel In Chelsea

If you are looking for a place where you will be pampered, San Domenico House Hotel in Chelsea is the place to be. The highly personalized service will make your business or holiday remarkable. Guests will appreciate the individually themed rooms featuring rare originals from the eighteenth century. Enjoy having a shower in the marble bathrooms and chrome heated bath towel rails make life here pleasurable.
Hazlitts, Soho

Hazlitts in Soho is a luxury London boutique hotel. This hotel will appeal to your senses as the genuine antique decorations are admirable. The comfortable rooms and warm hospitality will make your stay home away from home. Enjoy shopping in Bond Street which is close to the hotel. Covent Garden and Piccadilly are near by this boutique hotel.
Bingham Hotel, Richmond

Set on the banks of the Thames, Bingham Hotel on Petersham Road, Richmond, is an enchanting London boutique hotel. The contemporary elegance and style of the hotel is based on vintage Georgian architecture. You can experience sensuous pleasure in the luxurious whirlpool bath and relax in the tranquility of the hotel rooms.

Enjoy delicious breakfasts, set lunches and fabulous dinners provided by the Bingham Restaurant and bar as you sit alongside the Thames.
Choose your ideal boutique hotel from a wonderful range of London boutique hotels.

Why Are Boutique Hotels Becoming The Preferred Choice For All Travelers?

Tourism is one of the biggest industries in the entire world with millions of tourists traveling to various parts of the globe every month whether for personal reasons or business reasons, with the numbers rising almost every day.

Of course the biggest beneficiaries of the tourism industry are the hotels which accommodate these millions of tourists and hence more and more hotels come up every day from luxury, super luxury to budget hotels and guest houses. But the latest buzz word seems to be that of a Boutique Hotel. A lot of the tourists now prefer to stay in something called as a Boutique Hotel.

So what is a Boutique hotel and why is it becoming so popular with the tourists no matter which part of the globe you are visiting?

The concept of a Boutique hotel originated from North America to suggest an intimate and luxurious hotel environment. The feature that differentiates Boutique hotels from other mainstream hotels is the personalized service personalized accommodation and facilities provided to each guest. All Boutique hotels are generally created over a theme which runs through all the rooms and service centers of the hotel. Also generally boutique hotels are considered much more stylish than their competitors as most of them usually hire the services of a specialist interior designer to develop and execute a unique theme for the hotel.

All rooms, restaurants, lounges etc in the hotel are carefully planned and constructed according to the vision of the designer.

A typical room in a boutique hotel apart from having a good balance between style and luxury will have at least a queen size bed, telephone connection, wi-fi internet connectivity which is generally free to use for the guests of the hotel, cable television, a mini bar and round the clock room service. Most boutique hotels will also have an excellent restaurant serving variety of cuisines and also having a lounge or a bar in its premises where the guests can take a break and relax and also mingle with other guests. Generally the lounge or bar is open to the general public as well.

A boutique hotel is generally smaller than a mainstream luxury hotel with the bigger boutique hotels having a maximum of approximately one hundred rooms while the smaller ones could have as less as just five rooms.

Generally most of the visitors to a boutique hotel are business travelers which ensure repeat business for the hotel. But the recent trends have shown a large number of general tourists preferring to stay at these boutique hotels because of the great combination of luxury, privacy as well as personalized service which these hotels offer to their guests which sets them apart from other hotels whether luxury or a budget hotel.

The staff at these hotels is very friendly and courteous and has been trained to cater to all requests by their guests. Although the number of people working could be less compared to a large luxury group of hotels but even then most guests report a higher sense of personal service which is one of the main reason why a boutique hotel has started to become so popular with all kinds of guests whether they are there for a vacation or for business purposes.

New Trends At Boutique Hotels

How much do you know regarding the different hotels in business today? Do you know anything regarding the latest boutique hotel resort trends? Some people have no idea that they have a choice to the kind of hotel room they can enjoy. Why? They are bombarded by commercials from bigger name hotels like the Holiday Inn or Ramada Limited.

Right, so you can choose to stay in an inn such as The Holladay house which you can find in Virginia. Or perhaps you would like to stay at a well known brand chain hotel. But there is another type of hotel hovering just below the radar. If you want something that has the relaxed atmosphere of a homely bed and breakfast, and the amenities of a big hotel, then you could choose a stay at a boutique hotel.

With the emergence of budget hotel availability, boutique hotels bookings have flucuated. Many offer quality that a chain cannot match. The atmosphere is relaxed, and many boutiques are located in antique buildings, thus embellishing them with a feeling of quality. When analysing boutique hotel resort trends you will notice many boutiques in New Orleans have once been older historic homes. They have been modernised, but still have the look and feel of a 19th Century house. Local culture, fashions and arts along with the decor really make staying at a one quite an experience.

The resort surroundings of boutique hotels can be incorporated into the theme. Santa Fe has a boutique that displays a lot of culture associated with Native American Indians. The Anasazi Inn displays handmade rugs, pottery and throws.

Some boutiques decide to choose a page from history to reflect the theme of the hotel. As mentioned above New Orlean boutiques’ choose a 19th Century template. The Hotel Union Square boutique in San Francisco uses the Prohibition era to display it’s theme. Except of course that alcohol is served legally of couse, and not in shebeens.

These hotels are not solely exclusive to the U.S. Paris, Istanbul, Tokyo, and Cannes to name but a few, have wonderful boutique hotels on offer. They are a very successful business if operated correctly. There even are boutique hotel lenders available to finance your hotel with. Such is the popularity and success of the tourism industry, which is also complimented by the level of service provided by boutique hotels.

Most boutique hotels, whether located in the United States or Europe, have a limited number of rooms, averaging from 25 to 50 rooms. Some boutique hotels have over 100 rooms; others are in the single digits. This limited amount of rooms allows boutique hotel employees to give the guests some personal attention.

Since there’s a limited amount of space in each boutique hotel, it’s important to get your reservation in immediately. Waiting until you’re about to leave is sure not going to get you a room at the boutique hotel of your choice. In fact, it’s unlikely you will get a boutique room anywhere in your vacation/business city if there’s a business conference coming up. If you can, call ahead a month or more to reserve your room.

Some Boutique hotels constantly upgrade the features of the hotel. It’s not a build once set forever approach, but an ongoing improvement strategy. Don’t worry the features are merely upgraded luxuries, so you won’t see or hear any major construction works. Many rooms have access to wi-fi internet, and come with a private bath. Those on business trips can book a meeting room. Larger boutiqe hotels have spa’s, fitness suites and swimming pools. Just like at larger chain hotels, restaurants and bars are available on site for guests to enjoy.

Why not choose a boutique hotel when on business or vacation? After all you’ve probably had the same experience each time you’ve stayed at a chain hotel. The higher price is definetely worth it. The quality of service and hotel quality is extremely appealing. if you want something more than the bog standard, boutique hotels will provide that and much more.